Little by little we are approaching the moment of shelving 2020 (who would say), so it is time to start thinking about the next year design speaking: how are we going to face it? What trends will be the most cutting-edge? What news should we follow?. The news are many and since we know that your time is money, today we will only talk about the trends in graphic design for 2021 .

The design is the most visual and perceived part by the consumer. A campaign idea can be good, but if it is not graphically reflected correctly, it may not have the desired impact among users. Having a professional design team, with experience and up-to-date with the trends in the sector is key to hitting the right key and correctly impacting your target audience.

With design, creativity and imagination are unleashed. It allows us to play with several options and, in fact, the same concept can be reflected in many different ways. Anything goes: typographic game, taking risks with the color palette, putting on the brakes to play it safe, creating disruptive proposals, incorporating the graphic language typical of other fields … But as it happens in other sectors, such as fashion for example , every year there are trends that graphic designers decide to follow, what will be the next? Here are the main design holdings for this 2021 :

Muted or desaturated colors

The simplicity of a design is often found in the tones that are used in the creative piece. This 2021 will bet on simple and very clean colors such as pastel or nude colors.


Example: Beauty brand 54 Thrones

Classic serif typefaces

The classic thing is back in fashion and it is that who does not like that typeface of the usual books that have accompanied us on those autumn afternoons while we read classics like Dickens, Wild or Verne.
What will using a serif typeface help us? Elegance, sobriety and a lot of style.

Analog elements in digital design

Say yes to recovering the hand drawing for graphic language! With this type of resource we manage to bring naturalness, freshness and a distinctive and personal touch to our designs.

New minimalism

The classic minimalism that the Bauhaus established as a rule has been modified thanks to the contemporary vision, giving rise to this new minimalism. Classic and simple fonts combined with black and white or colors with a lot of their own personality. What changes then? The composition: play to dissect the texts so that with very little, you get a lot. This is the key to the new minimalism.

In Keenly SmArt Design we are ready to help you to find your style for 2021. 

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