We are Keenly


It is through creativity that we find new paths and solutions that works. Keenly seeks to sync social, environmental, and cultural responsibility with creativity, efficiency, and professional ethics.
From Vancouver British Columbia to the world, we are keenly!

Our Philosophy

Our North



Keenly arises from the motivation to provide a service with a different approach.
That is why we offer a quality service, always.

Unique Projects


We understand that software and design must have a balance between creativity, functionality, and ethics. And can be achieved in all our projects.

We had some fun with those!


We are always looking for the best.


Our Company has experience in development and solutions that can be applied to both mobile and desktop devices, adapting to your needs. We understand technology as a tool to increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your organization, that is why we specialize have a highly qualified team.

We can help you.

Creative is a renewable resource.

Why choose us?

It is through creativity that we find new ways and solutions that work, producing visually attractive results, in addition to a highly qualified team.